Monthly Archives: June 2015

Datavac ED500-ESD UK air duster

Mr PC Clean are proud to announce that in mid June 2015 they will add Metrovac's latest Datavac® product to their air duster and toner vac range. The new product is the ED500-ESD UK air duster.  This product is both tested and modified for use in the UK by Mr PC Clean.  (Mr PC Clean being…
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Datavac Air Duster Used For Gaming Machine Cleaning

The Datavac ED500 air duster, supplied by Mr PC Clean, is currently being extensively used in the UK by a multinational casino company. The casino company use the air duster during routine maintenance or when a repair / replacement is necessary. Air duster are used for a multitude of applications which include; computer cleaning, gaming machine cleaning, security system…
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Keeping the school clean

A team of Mr PC Clean computer cleaning technicians were recently involved in a four  day deep clean of over 500 I.T items at a large Birmingham based secondary school. The school recognised that having clean and hygienic equipment helped reduce infection transfer, increased staff / pupil  morale and increased the working life of the…
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