Computer cleaning supplies and equipment

Welcome to the online shop of Mr PC Clean.

At Mr PC Clean we stock the best, tried and tested, computer cleaning supplies and equipment to clean laptops, telephones and computers.  Our equipment includes air dusters, toners vacuums, brushes, chemicals, cleaning gel and an assortment of other aids to help you make your I.T equipment visibly, hygienically and functionally clean.

Remember that many I.T failures are due to dust creating the item to overheat.  As our motto says “it’s not broken it’s dirty”.  This has been proven multiple times and is the basis of many articles written by  the I.T industry.  It was once said that if dust could be removed from the I.T environment then failures would be less than 1%.

Should you wish you can also buy our comprehensive training manual which details why and how to clean your I.T equipment. This manual is also available from the store.  The manual has been written by the Mr P.C Clean team who have vast cleaning knowledge.  So much so that the directors of the business are both listed in the prestigious Who’s Who of business elite for their efforts in the cleaning industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to ship abroad or even if you have a general I.T cleaning enquiry as we would love to try to help you.  Our telephone number is 01543 898967 or e-mail us via our contact us page.