Atrix Omega Supreme ESD Toner Vacuum Complete With Free Tools

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Atrix Omega ESD Safe Toner Vacuum


Atrix Omega Supreme ESD Toner Vacuum features a quiet flow-through motor and sound baffles (10-15% quieter) to make it possibly the quietest toner vacuum on the market today.

It's made from durable, high-impact Diamond ABS polymer for more durability and longer life.

It has a 0.3 Micron retention filter ideal for internal computer cleaning, keyboards, faxes, photocopiers incl: black and colour toners It can also be used to extract soot, pollen, dust, precious metals, paint pigments and other fine particulate that make it ideal for use for Field Service, Printer Service, Computer Service, Office Personnel, Field Service Technicians, Printer Service Engineers, Telecom Installers, Computer Engineers, IT Departments, Office Personnel, Cleanrooms, Re-manufacturers, Equipment cleaning contractors, Conservation for Museums, Archives, Libraries, Hospitals, Schools, Universities and Heritage Houses.

It comes standard with a 1800mm toner-proof hose, 400mm flexible goose neck, crevice tool, crevice tool brush, toner filter, 300mm power cord and a shoulder strap for portability

The accessories are statically conductive for maximum static protection.
It also features over-heat protection and field replaceable latches.

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Weight 2100 g