Cleansafe Multipad – Screen Cleaning System

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Cleansafe Multipad – Screen Cleaning System for TVs,  Monitors, TFT And Laptop Screens.


Cleansafe Multipad - Screen Cleaning System for TVs,  Monitors, TFT And Laptop Screens.  Comes Complete With CleanSaƒe®  Professional Screen Cleaner.

The product was designed to safely and efficiently clean your LCD/TFT monitor, laptop or TV screen after discussions with professional screen cleaners throughout Europe.  It is now the "professional's" choice and is available via Mr PC Clean for home and commercial use.

Cleansafe® professional is a  purpose designed unique cleaner to clean and protect sensitive coated screens without risk of damage.

Take the work out of cleaning small LCD monitors, laptops and TVs.

With its custom built carrier designed to take our unique CleanSaƒe® Professional Plasma TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner, it  is now easy to apply the cleaner to the screen.  The  velvet microfibre surface gently cleans without scratching. 5mm of soft foam acts as a buffer to equalise the pressure throughout the pad whilst making sure that not too much pressure is applied to the delicate screens.

Specially designed to give a superior, clean finish to coated and non-coated screens.  The micro-fibre pads are easily removed for replacement. The CleanSaƒe® pad stands for easy storage after use.

CleanSaƒe®  products are approved - suited - tested for/on Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, LG, Philips, Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, and many others.

The unit is supplied with an accurate dispensing bottle to ensure only the right amount of fluid is administered to the screen.  Easy replacement of worn or dirty pads. Also perfect for cleaning LCD, TFT, plasma and rear projection displays.

Cleansafe Multipad - Screen Cleaning System.

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