Computer Power Cleaner 1 Litre With Spray

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The Mr PC Clean Computer Power Cleaner 1 litre with spray cuts through the dirt, body fats and other marks on your keyboard, printer or casing with ease.  It leaves your I.T products both clean and sanitised.

It is a non-hazardous anti-bacterial (mild protectant) cleaner.
It will clean computers, printers, copiers, scanners and other PC peripherals and can be used on plastic, coated metal and glass.
It rejuvenates rubber feed and pickup rollers, touch pads, keyboards and pointing devices
It removes finger oil, smoke film, washable ink, grease, dirt, dust, toner ink and gummed labels.
It will NOT cause rusting as it has a high evaporation rate (even when mixed with water) which means it is safe to use indoors without leaving moisture in and on electrical contacts.
It is effective as a contact cleaner (at full strength) and gives a protective coating.
It is a self-levelling liquid so saves no sticky patches.
It is NON-BUTYL and a stable product.
It reduces surface tension.
It gives anti-static protection.
UV seals the surfaces that are porous not allowing sunlight to penetrate.
It enhances appearance and longevity.

Please note : This product is not to be used on the face of any LCD, TFT or Plasma screen.  For screen cleaning products follow this link.

Note : Product bottle may differ from picture shown.

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