Industrial Computer Cleaning Kit

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This Industrial Computer Cleaning Kit  provides all the equipment you need to tackle any computer cleaning or valeting jobs you are likely to come across.

This Industrial Computer Cleaning Kit was collated by us after may years of experience in the field.  We are never found wanting for the right piece of equipment with this professional level kit!

The Industrial cleaning kit

* Trolley Storage Box
* 1 Litre Power Cleaner with trigger spray
* Plasma/TFT/LCD screen cleaner
* Falcon XL air duster
* Lambs wool duster
* 10 cleaning cloths
* Microfibre Cloth
* 5 magnetic toner wipes
* Keyboard brush
* Large Keyboard Brush
* Small & Large detail brushes
* ESD wristband
* Keyboard Cleaning Brush
* Keyboard Strip Brush
* CD/DVD Lens Cleaner
* Multi mediaScreen Cleaning Pad
* 100 long wood handled cotton swabs
* Non-abrasive scrub pad
* Magic Sponge
* Lens Cloth
* Label remover
* Datavac Pro Series Toner Vacuum with Micro Cleaning Tools MDV-2TA

Additional information

Weight 6500 g

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